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Kenwood TS-950 SD

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Kenwood TS-950 SD Picture(s) and Description:

 276511107100462580 Kenwood TS 950 SD

This is a Kenwood TS-950 SD transceiver. (NOT the 950 SDX) The good news: Unit powers up, seems to be in good operational condition. Transmit / receive tested. Full 150W output. I know that this rig had some work done 1-2 years ago and the transmit section was repaired at that time. The bad news: 1. It is a bit beat up cosmetically. See detail pictures. There are several parts where the original surface has worn away due to use. 2. Some controls skip and are slightly intermittent. I expect a good cleaning of the front panel controls would solve most of this. 3. It smells of cat. I don't know how or why. If you have a sensitive sense of smell or allergies, this may not be the radio for you. If you can tolerate these issues, this could be an excellent station for you. The legalese: Item sold as-is. I've tested for receive and transmit into antenna and dummy load, both are good. Seven day money-back guarantee (buyer will pay shipping both ways, and item will be checked against recorded serial number before refund is issued. If returned, I expect the items in the exact condition they were shipped in, barring shipping mishaps.) The winner enters into a contract to purchase. Please act accordingly. Expedited payment will result in expedited shipping. I reserve the right to remove bidders for any reason. This usually applies to chop-shops and known fraudulent bidders. Good luck! Please contact me with any questions and I will be happy to respond and post. 73 de Alex, KB7PST

 276511107100462581 Kenwood TS 950 SD
 276511107100462582 Kenwood TS 950 SD
 276511107100462583 Kenwood TS 950 SD

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