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Kenwood TS-820S Transceiver

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Kenwood TS-820S Transceiver Picture(s) and Description:

 30621403877005730 Kenwood TS 820S Transceiver

AMATEUR HF RADIO TRANSCEIVER Model - Kenwood TS-820S, Serial N0. 620279 Mode of Operation; USB, LSB, CW, FSK Frequency; 160,80/75,40, 20, 15 and 10 Meter Bands Also Receives; WWV on 15.000 Mhz. INCLUDED, CW Filter, (Installed), AC Line Cord and a dog eared Ops Manual. All controls, switches, Lights and indicators, work properly. Cosmetically, The unit is very clean, inside and out, as shown in the pic's. Features; 1. CW Filter, installed 2. Meter Lamps, high intensity LED'S 3. New, Matched Set (2), of output Tubes, 6146W 4. SM 220 Options installed. ( SM 220, Station Monitor when used with the TS-820S requires some addition to the receiver ), ( These additions are shown in the SM 220 Ops. Manual). As shown in picture No.5 there is no VFO Shorting Plug. This Plug was replaced with a SPST Switch located inside the unit and mounted on the 5 VDC Power Supply bracket as shown in picture No. 7. This addition has illiminated the problems with the original VFO Plug, lost, Intermittent connection, bent pins, etc., etc. When using a VFO, Place the switch, in the Open position, without the VFO, place the switch in the Closed position. Switch can be accessed through the cabinet vent slots from the outside. This transceiver was tested prior to packing and performed very well, both, transmit and receive. Sold "as is" With no warranties implied. Shipping to the lower 48 states only, via, USP, or Fedex, with a flat rate of $39.00 THANK YOU FOR BIDDING

 30621403877005731 Kenwood TS 820S Transceiver
 30621403877005732 Kenwood TS 820S Transceiver
 30621403877005733 Kenwood TS 820S Transceiver

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